Suzanne Dracius’ Creole Bovarysm or Emma B. s’ Triumphant Feminist Marronnage in ‘De sueur, de sucre et de sang’

by Hanetha Vete-Congolo, Maine (USA)
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After publishing "L’autre qui danse" in 1989, Martinican female writer Suzanne Dracius came back in 2003 with Rue monte au ciel, a collection of vibrant short stories. Her works articulate themes that unveil the Caribbean essence and psyche that she either lauds or denounces for the advancement of Caribbean peoples and the wider Caribbean region at large. In that respect, transgression and taboo which have a symbolic meaning in Caribbean societies are used in one of her short stories, “De sueur, de sucre et de sang” to articulate a social and feminist discourse. She uses the highly symbolic figure of the Nègre marron and ideology of marronnage to create a marronnage en abîme that has an aesthetic and ideological significance. Marronnage which is rooted in history… (…) As a writer Dracius herself is a Maroon just like Emma, her iconoclastic female character. … (abstract)
Hanétha Vété-Congolo : "Suzanne Dracius’ Creole bovarysm or emma B.’s Triumphant Feminist Marronnage in "De sueur, de sucre et de sang" ". /
Wadabagei, A Journal of the Caribbean and its diaspora/, Vol.10 No.1 (Winter 2007), pp.73-97.