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"one of the most celebrated and versatile French Caribbean writers, Suzanne Dracius." (Caraf)
"Suzanne is an acclaimed writer of numerous novels and articles ; she is also a distinguished professor" (Ann Armstrong Scarboro, Ph.D.)
« it’s a beautiful book, very interesting and so well-written ! Congratulations ! »
(Clara Arosio)

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 décembre 2006

Three Francophone Writers : Ahmadou Kourouma, Suzanne Dracius…

The Idiom of the Other : Three Francophone Writers of “The Fringe”
by Denise Egea-Kuehne, Department of Educational Theory, Policy and Practice, Louisiana State University, 123 Peabody Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803, USA
The European Legacy
Publisher : Routledge, part of the (...)


Suzanne Dracius’ Creole Bovarysm or Emma B. s’ Triumphant Feminist Marronnage in ‘De sueur, de sucre et de sang’

After publishing "L’autre qui danse" in 1989, Martinican female writer Suzanne Dracius came back in 2003 with Rue monte au ciel, a collection of vibrant short stories. Her works articulate themes that unveil the Caribbean essence and psyche that she either lauds or denounces for the (...)


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Interview with Suzanne DRACIUS by Matt BURNS
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the post
IngentaConnect :
"The Fanonian Theory of Violence in Womens Fiction...
the Martiniquan Suzanne Dracius-Pinalie "L’autre qui danse"
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MaComère ( The Journal of (...)

dimanche 13 juin 2004

Interview with Suzanne Dracius

« A Woman Who Falls is Never Without Hope »
Suzanne Dracius, born in Martinique, left the island with her family for Sceaux, a suburb of Paris, where she spent her adolescence and young adulthood ; she later returned to Martinique as a professor of classical literature. In 1989, she published (...)


"Lumina Sophie dite Surprise" sponsorised by TV5

Suzanne Dracius’ play "Lumina Sophie dite Surprise", sponsorised by TV5.
AATF Convention (Trois-Îlets, 2003)
Suzanne Dracius Member of Honor AATF, after Aimé Césaire in 1976.
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