Women’s Fantasies (Fantasmes de femmes)

Translated by Samantha Barton
mardi 14 juillet 2009
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Women’s Fantasies

Translated by Samantha Barton

It also pleases me to ride
as in the frescos of Pompeii
in the Roman way, the Andromache way
So you would wear my mark
For a woman as well, great pleasure !
Thus you will have nothing to say again
It is like this that you will be fulfilled
Doing all these things that you say
To the singing rooster
To infinity
All these forbidden things
in theory
as they say
A woman’s fantasy

After all, what is the danger
in doing all these things that you say to me
if by chance we were to do it
provided that we do it
in sweet madness
For a woman of standing today
will not be damned for this

Oh, understand how much I hesitate !
What is this feminine modesty
That holds me back from the edge
I know that I must avoid
doing these things that you say to me
Believe that it irritates me
that they are forbidden things

Now it is I who invites you
in melody
in harmony

Must we really be drunk
to make our living flesh rejoice
Must we slowly drift away
in enchantment
in barbarity
extreme in our anger
in our infatuations
in frenzy
in sickness
Ah ! To also be able to ride
as in the frescos of Pompeii
in the Andromache way, the Roman way
in rue d’Enfer in Saint-Pierre
just beneath the volcano
under Pelée rue Monte au ciel
to do all these forbidden things
in paradise
to allow myself all these positions that you say
in a mystical scream
Ho misticri, krik krak monkey !
to allow myself all these forbidden positions
and krik and krak
and krik and krak
No, the courtyard will not sleep
Body to body and loudly yet
in poetry
Philosophy !
I took off
And then I took
to running as
a Caribbean epicurean

©Suzanne Dracius 2003